The HCG meal plan can be used by anyone who wishes to reduce their weight and improve their looks. It is an invention of a British doctor. He discovered that Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin could help in burning your body fats. In the long run, you will be healthy and appealing to the eyes of many. However, if you stick on the HCG Diet protocol for your lifetime, you will end up so skinny that you will begin to look for means of adding weight. Let us explore the facts behinds its meal plan.

The facts behinds its meal plan

The HCG meal plan is a strategy that has three phases. In each phase, you are expected to follow all instructions for you to turn out healthy. Its initial step is the loading phase followed by the maintenance period. In your final segment of the plan, you will be exposed to the stabilization phase.

The initial stage of the plan is to prepare you for the entire diet and to change your way of living. It begins in a typical manner. At this stage, you are allowed to eat anything that you crave for. There are no restrictions for the diet of every meal. This stage only runs for two days.  In fact, it is meant to make you believe that it will be an easy path to follow to the end. However, it should prepare your body for the next level of your meal plan.

The second level of the HCG Diet protocol plan is the maintenance phase. It is expected that within the first week of your involvement in the diet at this level, you will be seeing the results. Nonetheless, you must abide to the set rules and regulations without which, you will not realize any positive results. For approximately three weeks, you will have to stay in the meal plan that constitutes an intake of 500 calories per day. Most participants get scared by this. They believe that it is a form of starvation since that calorie intake is way too low to help in the survival of a mature human. Nevertheless, the expert, Dr. Simeon, explains that HCG will take care of your food cravings. As a result, you will not feel as hungry as you may imagine. Consequently, you will succeed through the three weeks with minimal struggles.

The HCG Meal Plan And Its Final Stage

Finally, the HCG meal plan takes you through the stabilization stage. It is a final stage in which you will be expected to get back to your normal routine. Hence, you will have to take more calories when compared to the low intake that you were consuming in the past three weeks. You should not be scared of adding more weight because; the fears should have been addressed during your treatments. It is a progressive step hence; your body will have sufficient time to incorporate the change.

From this, it is evident that the HCG Diet protocol only works for three weeks. The meal plan is as described and you will turn out healthy!